Encaustic Workshops

Encaustic is the art of painting with molten beeswax mixed with colored pigments and resin. The results are like no other medium—mysterious, deep, and translucent, with a glow that seems to emanate from within.

I offer a wide variety of beginning and intermediate workshops throughout the year in my private studio in Portland, Oregon.

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Encaustic Workshop in New York

Three-day Workshop with Enkaustikos
Fri - Sun, May 1 - 3 (3 days), 10 am - 4 pm
Rochester, New York

For registration and detailed information, please contact info@encausticpaints.com or call 585-263-6920

Encaustic Workshops in Portland, Oregon

Mind's Eye to Masterpiece
Fri - Sun, March 27 - 29 (3 days)

How does a painting go from conception to completion? That process can seem mysterious and there are many ways to approach it, but in this class I'll help you create a painting from start to finish. Come with a plan for 1 - 2 works you expect to create over the three days, but also have an open mind to the possibility of changes to your plan based on spontaneity and inspiration! Intermediate level class. Learn more and register here

Encaustic Paint Party/Open Studio (NEW!)
Sunday, March 22, 2 - 5 pm
Sunday, April 19, 2 - 5 pm
Sunday, May 10, 2 - 5 pm

Do you ever feel isolated while creating work in your home studio? Or maybe you have such limited space to work that sometimes it doesn't seem worth it to even set it all up? I know this feeling because my first "studio" was my dining room table. My Paint Party open studio sessions address these issues while giving you a fun community of artists to work with on a regular basis. This is an intermediate level class for artists who have taken at least 2 classes with me. Learn more and register here

Introduction to Encaustic Painting & Texture
Sunday, April 12, 2 - 5 pm
Saturday, June 13, 2 - 5 pm
Saturday, September 12, 2 - 5 pm

In this basic introduction to working with wax, you'll learn how to lay down the wax without air bubbles and get a smooth finish, as well as how to add some texture.

I'll have lots of materials available for you to play with, and you can work in any style of painting you choose. All levels welcome. Learn more and register here

Encaustic Fix It Clinic
Saturday, April 25, 11 - 5 pm

How many times have you wondered what's wrong with that painting? It may be a technical problem or a place where all of your colors turn to mud. In this class you'll share a problem painting with the class and we'll discuss options for fixing it, then you'll have the rest of the class to do just that, with help readily available of course! Learn more and register here

Secrets of Creating Depth
Saturday, May 9, 11 - 5 pm (new date!)

There are some tried and true methods to creating depth in your paintings and that depth allows light to enter the layers of paint and reflect back to the surface, creating that luminous glow. I'll take you through these methods as we layer paint, paper, and other materials for differing effects. Intermediate level class. Learn more and register here

Encaustic & Collage
Saturday, May 16, 11 - 5 pm
Saturday, August 22, 11 - 5 pm

No painting or drawing experience is necessary for this one day beginning encaustic painting & collage class. We'll also explore different ways to add color to black and white photographs.

Feel free to bring photographs, rubbings, drawings and ephemera to layer into paintings to preserve your memories in wax. All levels welcome. Learn more and register here

Colorful Wax Scrolls (offered only in Summer)
Saturday, May 30, 11 - 5 pm
Sunday, July 26, 11 - 5 pm

Join me to create multiple panels of paper and wax that are thin enough for natural light to penetrate, filling your space with energy and movement. We'll add color in a variety of materials both before and after we wax and add a wodden dowel so it's ready to hang when you get home.

I'll demonstrate how to cut out parts of your panels for a layered effect and how to reattached what you've removed for added texture and shadow. All levels welcome. Learn more and register here

Encaustic & Shellac (offered only in Summer)
Sunday, June 14, 11 am - 5 pm
Saturday, August 8, 11 am - 5 pm

In this class we'll use a shellac based resist to paint on to warm wax then super heat until it cracks, leaving an elegant organic finish that would be impossible to paint by hand. This requires the use of a torch so if you aren't familiar with how to use one you'll learn that too, while I emphasize both creativity and safety. I have mixtures in a variety of colors and will show you several easy ways to make your own custom colors at home. Intermediate level class. Learn more and register here

Beautiful Backgrounds (offered only in Summer)
Saturday, June 27, 11 am - 5 pm

It's tough to start a great painting from a blank panel, so why not give yourself a head start? In this class you'll have the opportunity to try several intuitive painting techniques including layering gesso and paint for a rustic, weathered look as well as flinging your favorite inks and paints to get a spontaneous start!

You can also use some types of gesso to add texture and create patterns on your panel before waxing. All levels welcome. Learn more and register here

Wax Week: From the Ground Up
Mon - Fri, July 20 - 24, 2015 (full)or
Mon - Fri, July 31 - Aug 4, 2015

In this session we'll focus on creating a great base even before you turn to wax, starting with textured gesso and various non-wax based paints. We'll continue with a wax fest that includes different media like collage papers, photographs, pastels, stamps and much more.

Subjects include creating beautiful backgrounds before you wax, working creatively and safely with shellac, mixing different media within one painting, secrets of creating depth, pouring wax for an ultra smooth finish, and taking your painting from start to finish. All levels welcome. Learn more and register here

Wax Week: Mixing Media
Mon - Fri, Oct. 5 - 9, 2015

In this 5-day intensive workshop we'll focus on combining wax with different media like collage papers, photographs, pastels, inks, pigment sticks, stamps and much more.

BONUS: The timing on this class is perfect to also attend Portland Open Studios on Oct. 10 - 11. You can choose from almost 100 art studios to visit including some of my favorite Portland painters who work in encaustic. Don't miss this!

Subjects include mixing different media within one painting, creating transfers with photographs, drawings and rubbings, texture and embossing, secrets of creating depth and taking your painting from start to finish. All levels welcome. Learn more and register here

Private Consulting & Assisted Painting Sessions

Do you need help planning a project or fixing a specific technical problem that's not covered by one of my classes? I now offer private consultations and assisted painting sessions a few days a month to fit your schedule. All levels welcome. Learn more and register here

Special Standby Studio for Returning Students

Many artists have limited space to set up for encaustic painting at home so now you can come paint with me through my Standby Studio option. With Standby Studio you can join any class you have already taken for half price, and either participate in the class or use it as an open studio day to work on your own. Another option is to join one of my Paint Party sessions.

Encaustic Workshops Online
Don't live near Oregon? Check out my new online encaustic classes at RobertsonWorkshops.com.

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