In the midst of all the stress we're under right now, please remember that ART HEALS. Unfortunately all of my classes have been suspended indeefinitely during the current stay-home recommendations. I will continue my classes as soon as it's safe to have you all back. Stay safe, and make art.

Encaustic Workshops

Encaustic is the art of painting with molten beeswax mixed with colored pigments and resin. The results are like no other medium—mysterious, deep, and translucent, with a glow that seems to emanate from within.

I offer a wide variety of beginning and intermediate workshops throughout the year in my private studio in Portland, Oregon.

Encaustic Workshops in Portland, Oregon

Introduction to Encaustic & Collage
All levels welcome

No painting or drawing experience is necessary for this one day beginning encaustic painting & collage class. You can collage with wax instead of glue to incorporate thin papers, pastels and dried plants once you get used to working with the wax. We will use techniques involving collage, painting, and layering using wax in an assortment of vivid colors.

Introduction to Encaustic Painting & Texture
All levels welcome

In this easy introduction to working with wax, you'll learn how to lay down the wax without air bubbles and get a smooth finish, as well as how to carve into your wax layers.

I'll have lots of materials available for you to play with, and you can work in any style of painting you choose. Learn more and register here

Spectacular Shellac
TBD?/Saturday, June 6, 2020
Intermediate level class

In this class we'll use a shellac based resist to paint on to warm wax then super heat until it cracks, leaving an elegant organic finish that would be impossible to paint by hand. This requires the use of a torch so if you aren't familiar with how to use one you'll learn that too, while I emphasize both creativity and safety. I have mixtures in a variety of colors and will show you several easy ways to make your own custom colors at home. Learn more and register here

Wax Week: Photo Encaustic & Texture
TBD?/Sat-Wed, July 4-8, 2020
All levels welcome

Give yourself dedicated time to explore your creative photography! Surrounded by other artists in a professional studio, you'll finally be able to bring together your ideas and techniques to create work unique to your vision.

We'll combine encaustic with photography while focusing on hand coloring your personal photographs with encaustic paint and other media. We'll also enhance your paintings using collage, and add depth to your work by building up texture as you discover your own unique combination of these creative processes.

Wax Week: Creating Expressive Landscapes
TBD?/Sat-Wed, June 13-17, 2020
All levels welcome

In this intensive 5-day workshop we'll paint landscapes that are special to us while exploring how to better capture the sense of the place, rather than just what it may look like.

We will focus on encaustic and mixed media painting but will also incorporate travel sketching, stream of consciousness writing, and some exciting collaborative exercises with your fellow artists to create expressive landscapes that represent much more than an idealized postcard version of a place.

Colorful Wax Scrolls
TBD?/Saturday, July 11, 2020
All levels welcome

Join me to create multiple panels of paper and wax that are thin enough for natural light to penetrate, filling your space with energy and movement.

We'll add color with a variety of materials both before and after we wax, and we'll also add a simple hanger so your scroll ready to hang when you get home. All levels welcome.

Creating Artful Sacred Spaces
TBD?/Sat-Sun, August 15-16, 2020

Taught by Linda Robertson and Fred Swan
All levels welcome

What do you do with the ticket stub to the show where you met your sweetheart? Or the heart shaped stone you picked up on your birthday hike? These items hold more history than the objects suggest, and are worthy of being honored. This class, taught by Linda Robertson and Fred Swan, will introduce you to the idea of the gathering personal objects and creating sacred spaces for them as a practice of self-discovery, storytelling, and meditation.

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